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Commercial Engine and Transmission Repairs

At Best-One New Haven, we specialize in commercial engine and transmission repairs. We handle freight haulers, construction equipment, pick-up trucks, diesel-powered trucks, medium duty trucks, and semi-trucks. All services come with free estimates and our famously generous guarantee.

Diesel Repair

Truck Repair in Fort Wayne, IN

At Best-One New Haven, we perform diesel repairs for fleet accounts and commercial businesses throughout Fort Wayne, IN, New Haven, IN, Van Wert, OH and Defiance, OH.

Diesel engines play a major role in vehicle performance, so it’s especially important for drivers to be aware of maintenance issues and to seek repairs immediately. There are a number of symptoms you can watch out for that indicate your diesel engine needs maintenance:

  • A diesel engine running at lower RPMs or a hard-to-start engine are signs of low fuel pressure, but these signs may also be symptoms of an insufficient fuel supply or poor fuel quality.
  • If there is oil in the combustion chamber, it can create blue smoke as it burns. Blue smoke tends to appear when a driver first starts a diesel engine.
  • Black smoke usually indicates fuel combustion problems. This type of smoke can be caused by a low quality fuel, a dirty air filter, or various other things.
  • White smoke often occurs when fuel is not being burned correctly, and can be caused by worn injectors, damaged valves, and sticking piston rings.

Turbocharger maintenance is also important. Turbochargers increase the compression ignition by quickly compressing the air flowing into the engine, allowing for more air to flow into the chamber. More air in the combustion chamber means more fuel can be added to the combustion process. Turbochargers provide diesel engine systems with improved efficiency, and ultimately, more miles per gallon of diesel fuel.

Because diesel engines make a considerable amount of noise during normal, everyday operation, diagnosing diesel engine problems can be hard to do if you are listening in on the engine. Allow our service staff to handle troubleshooting and servicing your diesel engine.

Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair in Fort Wayne, IN

The transmission plays a critical role in the performance and reliability of your truck or semi-truck. A faulty transmission can negatively impact performance. Symptoms of an impending transmission service include grinding gears, difficulty shifting, slipping out of gear, bucking, and hesitation.

Best-One New Haven specializes in a range of transmission services for medium and heavy duty trucks. We have experience working on foreign and domestic models.

Our services include:

  • Automatic Transmission Repair
  • Manual Transmission Repair
  • Transmission Rebuild Service

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